Panzerwrecks Repairing the Panzers - Volume 2

Repairing the Panzers - Volume 2

Hersteller: Panzerwrecks

Artikelnummer: REPAIRPAN2

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  • Hersteller / Marke Panzerwrecks
  • Bücher/DVD/Kataloge Bücher / Zeitschriften

Hardcover Buch mit 256 Seiten, 279 große Fotos, die meisten davon unveröffentlicht plus jede Menge Karten, Charts etc. Texte in Englisch.
ISBN UK: 978-1-9080320-1-0

Why did the Blitz against Russia fail? How did winter and desert conditions affect operational readiness? Why weren’t captured Russian vehicles pressed into service like French and other vehicles were? What was the purpose of the ‘Panzerstützpunkt’ of 1944? What kept heavy Panzers from mixing in with lighter Panzers? What really caused the loss of brand new Panzers?

The answers to these and other questions can be found here in Vol. 2 of “Repairing the Panzers.” Based solely on original experience reports, diaries and manuals, you will learn how small parts led to big problems, how herculean efforts led to diminishing returns, and, for the first time, you will go behind the scenes and learn how reliable the infamous Panthers and Tigers really were.

These new findings are presented in 256 pages, illustrated with 279 photos, most of them unpublished, supported by original drawings, diagrams and tables.

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